Benefits Lime Face

The face is a major factor in an appearance. When one considers, the first thing you will see is the face. Therefore do not be surprised if most of them are very concerned about the condition of the face as well as any problems are found on the face. Rushing - flocking women and men visited a beauty clinic just to maintain and beautify their faces. Neither the use of the product - beauty products are believed to help solve problems in the facial area.However, sometimes they do not pay attention to the side effects or the hazards of beauty products they consume.Therefore, there is no harm if you switch to using ingredients - herbal ingredients to beautify the face. One of these natural ingredients that will be discussed is the lime-rich benefits to the face.

Benefits of lemon

Lime is one type of fruit is commonly used for cooking - cooking. Did you know that lemon that you normally use contains very important for facial care. For that you can use it as:

1. acne removal

Lemon contains vitamin C and flavonoids as antioxidants beneficial to get rid of acne. Mineral content of disinfectant and high enough to be useful to nourish the skin. The way you have to do is mix the lime juice with one tablespoon of honey into it. Apply the mixture on the pimples on the face. Allow up to 15-20 minutes. Then clean using a wet towel soaked with cold water.

2 relaxation skin

Lime believed they could reduce the strain on the muscles of the face. Many beauty clinics and spas that utilize lime as a beauty treatment. The trick is quite easy by mixing 1 piece of lime juice with a glass of water. Then rub and give a light massage on the facial area that feels sore. When finished rinse using clean water.

3 Black stain removers

Stain or black spots on the face, usually caused by dead skin cells or acne that does not go away. Therefore, you simply take advantage of the lemon by rubbing - gosokkannya in the area of ​​black spots. Let the moment and wash with warm water and then cold water. Avoid the use of lime in the injured area, as it will cause irritation to the skin area.

4. Brighten and smooth the skin

Natural content of lime can be used as a softener and skin lightening. Same way as above, namely by rubbing it gently on the face. Do this regularly for at least 1-2 times a day to get the maximum results, so you'll get skin smooth and glowing instantly.

5.. Removal of wrinkles

You can combine the use of lemon juice with other ingredients. Mix one tablespoon of milk and drops a little lemon juice. Rub the mixture on the face area who have wrinkles and use at night. When the morning wash with warm water and pat dry.

There are many other benefits besides lime on top. You can also use it as a cholesterol-lowering herbal drug, because of the flavonoid found in lime and is known as hesperidin. Similarly, little use lemon to the face that we can cover. Hopefully this time the medical article can be beneficial to your readers.
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